Adding on Top of it

Top-quality educational service is a synonym with NAVNEET TOPTECH with ample experience and expertise in the field and an already existing range of E-learning products.

TOPScorer provides teachers with the ac and school owners. It makes the important academic task of assignments very easy and accessible. Assignments in the form of videos, documents, essays, or worksheets, can be offered to students with the TOPScorer application. Teachers can assign them anytime and anywhere from the app and use those assignments to measure their students performance.

It’s a treat for teachers and school admins with:
  • Authorised Curriculum
  • Interesting and Fun Learning
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Relevant Analytics
  • 24/7 Support
It also makes studies simple for students with:
  • Exciting AR Content
  • Online Learning
  • Online homework
  • Online tests
  • Regular performance results.

Keeping the curriculum in consistency with Generation ‘Z’, NAVNEET TOPTECH has been redefining teaching and learning experience with TOPClass. An eLearning solution that focuses on simplifying the teaching process and enhances the learning experience in schools with a complete digital education solution. It consists of interesting and attractive animated content for every chapter. Thus, making teaching and learning easier and faster. It makes education easy for teachers and students with:

  • Animation and video content
  • Chapter-wise checkpoint and assessments
  • User-friendly and resourceful tools of technology
  • A teacher training program.

An online educational platform that aims to facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive coding curriculum for grades 1-10 in schools. The platform is user-friendly and enables schools to teach students “How-to-Code” without the need for external instructors. Our learning materials have been meticulously curated to provide an efficient and effective teaching experience.We take it a step further by imparting practical programming skills to children using Scratch Jr. or Scratch. The lesson plans teach:

  • To Tackle Complex Problems- Decomposition
  • Be Creators- Design Apps
  • Be Resilient- Debugging
  • Develop Structural Thinking- Code Structure
  • Learn Problem Solving- Bugs

Assessments are an important element to Ace student performance. And it's exactly what Assess makes easy. A smart tool that supports the teachers to create, evaluate and report assessments. While also making it convenient for students with its customisation.

Easy solution to the process of evaluation with:

Easy and effortless online examination. The app does the work for you by correcting tests and publishing automated results. Just initiate the test and the app will do the rest.

Generate questions for a test, without breaking a sweat. Create, assign, submit and publish assignments with just a click of a button.

  • Generate question papers with a click
  • Assign paper to students by class or special grouping
  • Take online assessments and upload online tests
  • AI-enabled detailed reports
  • Track and compare performance
  • Enable online correction and clarification.